CIS Wealth Management Group founders, Bob and Rachael Barber, started in the investment business in 1984 under the name Barber Investments. Christian Investment Services was later founded in 1992 and is now one of the oldest and largest independent Wealth Management Firms started and headquartered in New Braunfels, TX. We are nestled between San Antonio and Austin with regional branch offices in both the Houston and Corpus Christi areas. We have the privilege of serving clients across the nation. We use the latest technology to bridge the location gap for those outside of our area in order to connect as if we are sitting across the desk from you. CIS Wealth Management Group has both experienced and young talent to carry the firm far into the future to better serve you, your children, and grandchildren for many generations to come!

CIS Wealth Staff May 2018


CIS Wealth Management Group is a full-service advisory, financial planning, and investment management firm of experienced professionals. We use a comprehensive team approach consisting of Registered Investment Advisors and financial planners, and partner with CPAs and attorneys all focused on understanding our clients’ total financial and wealth management needs, wants, goals and dreams.

Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast


Christian Financial Perspectives started in 2018 with the goal of educating listeners on what God’s Word says about money. The Bible can provide a foundation for all of our money management principles and all of the basics for financial planning and how to create a financial wellness plan for you and your family. All we have to do is look for it, and it’s there! Scripture speaks on how to invest, how to handle money on a daily basis, paying taxes, and so much more. There really are very few people talking about this right now, and we are excited to be bringing this information to people all over the world through our Christian financial podcast.

Biblically Responsible Investing


Values based investing gives you the opportunity to invest in companies that are making a positive change in our society. We offer many choices for those that would like to help make our world a better place both now and for generations to come. Become part of the values based movement today.

Our Guiding Principles


Learn about the 5 main principles by which CIS Wealth abides. We believe in creating lasting relationships, while providing world class service. Our responsibility is to our clients, and each principle allows us to run our business to its fullest capability, as well as serve our clients with the utmost care.

How We Are Paid


This is one of the most common questions that we are asked, so we have broken down our process in order to better answer this question. We believe that a transparent approach to our payment system is the best answer. Bottom line, CIS Wealth exists to serve our clients’ best interests.

How We Are Different


We realize that you have the opportunity to choose any financial business for your needs, so what sets CIS Wealth Management Group apart? We ask what your needs are in order to create and design a custom plan based on your individual financial situation. We want our clients to be a part of every step!