7 Pillars of Biblical Stewardship

Whether you are an eighty year old millionaire, a twenty year old visionary, or somewhere in between, this Bible study is for you!

pillar greenChristian Financial experts have often said that Jesus spoke about stewardship more than any other subject, and there are over 2000 verses on stewardship in the Bible. With that in mind, isn’t it important to find out what God’s view of stewardship is? This is not a class on debt or budgeting, but it explores stewardship from the perspective of the heart. Topics include:

  • Discovering Your Worldview
  • Owner vs. Manager
  • Giving With A Purpose
  • Seeking Wise Counsel and Advice
  • Providing Fo Your Family
  • Creating A Legacy of Lasting Wealth
  • and Wealth With A Purpose

7 Pillars of Biblical Stewardship uses God’s Word to sow God’s truth into our hearts. It will not be this study itself that changes hearts, but the very Word of God. The need to talk about God being the ‘Owner’ and we being the manager of His resources is as relevant today as it was over 2,000 years ago.

It is our prayer that the most important ingredient in Biblical stewardship, “The change of your heart,” will occur during your journey through 7 Pillars of Biblical Stewardship.

Download a sample of the first pillar by CLICKING HERE.

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