financial planning for churches

Equipping the saints (Ephesians 4:11-12) for the work of the service is not an easy task!

CIS Wealth Management Group helps churches equip their members about the ever increasing topic of Stewardship.

Stewardship is not just a part of the Christian life, it is the Christian life. At CIS Wealth we have developed this website page to help churches, ministries and Christians become better equipped as managers of God’s resources in and through ministry.

The following tools are only the beginning of the possibilities available to Christians today to give, now and beyond their lifetime to their church and/or favorite ministries.

Lunch and Learns

lunch and learns

Educational lunch and learns are a great way to introduce various financial topics to your church in a casual environment. Host an educational luncheon to learn more about deferred & creative giving, charitable gift annuities, estate planning, retirement, Stewardship training, and more.

Stewardship Study

stewardship studies

This Biblical teaching on stewardship is designed to help your church members discover the joy and fulfillment of following the principles of Biblical stewardship. The result of this study is well equipped Christians practicing faithful and abundant giving.

Retirement Planning

retirement planning

Retirement planning is best facilitated through a personal relationship with a trusted Financial Advisor. CIS Advisors work with you on the issues you are concerned about by creating a step by step retirement plan. Your retirement plan not only provides for your future, but it can also introduce creative ways to support your church.

Planned Giving

Charitable Gift Annuities

Benefit both your church and its members through a Charitable Gift Annuity! A Charitable Gift Annuity for churches is unique in the fact that it not only benefits the church via a charitable gift of assets, but also the member or supporter through partial tax deductions. A Charitable Gift Annuity may also open the door to other creative giving ideas for your church!