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Protect your family’s financial legacy long after you are gone with a personal trust. A personal trust is a legal entity held and managed by one party—a trustee—for the benefit of another. A trustee can be an individual or professional corporate trustee.

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Tell Me More About Personal Trusts

Tell Me More About Personal Trusts


What Are the Benefits of Establishing a Personal Trust?
What are the Specific Roles Involved in Being a Trustee?
Reasons to Consider Appointing a Corporate Trustee

Discover The Benefits Of A Corporate Trustee*

Your estate is part of your legacy. When you establish a personal trust, it also becomes part of the future you envision. To ensure that your intentions are carried out according to your plans, you may want to consider appointing a corporate trustee*.  Above are links to common topics to help you determine whether establishing a personal trust and appointing a corporate trustee may be the right solution for you.

Our Corporate Trustee* Program Provides:

Professional corporate trustee* services at competitive prices
The ability to retain CIS Wealth Management Group as your primary investment manager
Access to a trust staff that is experienced in supporting a variety of trusts and available to assist in the process from start to finish
Safekeeping of all trust assets

Discover the Benefits of Using Corporate Trustee* Services

Estate Planning Professional

You and Your Estate Planning Professional:

  • Appoint Christian Investment Advisors as your investment advisor
  • Appoint our corporate trustee*
wealth management services

CIS Wealth Responsibilities Include:

  • Overseeing the relationship between you and your corporate trustee*
  • Managing your investments in accordance with your trust
estate planning

Our Corporate Trustee*:

Performs fiduciary trust administration duties such as:

  • Disbursements
  • Tax reporting
  • Statement production
  • Bill paying

Corporate Trustee* Fees

0.45% of 1.0% to as low as 0.25% of 1.0% annually

Real Estate Trust Fees

An annual fee of $250 for the purchase or sale of each parcel with a $500 fee per transaction in addition to a tax preparation and closing fee.

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* Trust services provided through Advisors Private Wealth Trust. Advisors Private Wealth Trust is a corporate trustee offering exclusively for advisors who work with TD Ameritrade Institutional through a strategic relationship with National Advisors Trust Company, FSB. Advisors Private Wealth Trust is a Trust Representative Office of National Advisors Trust Company, FSB (NATC). TD Ameritrade and NATC are separate and unaffiliated companies and are not responsible for each other’s policies and services.
** Information obtained from TD Ameritrade, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC