As a church or ministry, you may find it difficult to get the large gifts needed to fund your long term mission and vision. The average person only gives from their cash on hand, which is between 6%-10% of their net worth. Planned Giving is the process of making significant charitable gifts from the other 90%-94% of non cash assets during a donor’s life or at death that’s part of a complete financial and estate plan.

CIS Wealth helps churches and ministries with the planned giving process by offering educational lunch and learns for your members and supporters along with a long term education strategy for your ministry’s newsletters and website.

Many of your members and supporters want to give more but fear it may end up hurting their family’s welfare in the long run. Therefore, we help those with a giving heart understand their entire financial picture first and that their families will be provided for before making any large planned giving recommendations.

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A few areas we focus on for Planned Giving include:

Includes your church, favorite charities or Family Giving Fund in a will or trust as one of the beneficiaries
Technology, heavy equipment, transportation, food industry, retail, construction, misc. services, etc. can be partially or fully donated.
Land (including residential, commercial, farm and ranch), house(s), condominium(s), apartment(s), office building(s) (no time shares) can be partially or fully donated.
Instead of giving money from a bank account, donations of appreciated stocks are much more tax efficient than selling and donating the cash proceeds.
Original artwork, valuable antiques, classic automobiles, boat(s), and airplane(s) can be partially or fully donated.
This includes the ministry as a full or partial beneficiary of a retirement plan, either primary or contingent.


Our planned giving lunch and learn presentation gives your church, ministry, and its supporters the information needed in order to set up an ongoing planned giving program. CIS Wealth Management is right there alongside you the whole way to help your church or ministry through the long term planned giving process. To schedule a planned giving presentation for your church or ministry or to learn more…

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