Value of Being a CIS Client

Need Budgeting and Debt Elimination Help?

Every day we meet with couples or individuals who make a very good income, but find that they are spending more than they are earning, or have very little left at the end of each month.

CIS Wealth’s Relationship Manager, Rev. Pat Hail Jr., offers Budgeting and Debt Elimination Coaching independently of CIS Wealth through his company called TwentyFour3Management. Pat has been coaching budget and debt elimination for several years!

These budgeting and debt elimination coaching services consist of 3 one-on-one, one hour sessions for $300 that can accomplish:

  • Creating a Budget
  • Financial Goal Setting
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Debt Elimination Strategies


You may have your own budget set and in order, but this could also be a great help and gift for a family member!

Call CIS Wealth at 830-609-6986 to schedule your appointment with Pat or for more information!

* TwentyFour3Management is not affiliated with CIS Wealth Management Group, Christian Investment Advisors, or Cetera Advisor Networks LLC. CIS Wealth does not receive any form of compensation from TwentyFour3Management.

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