Churches and ministries contribute immensely to our world, and CIS Wealth wants to make sure that these non-profits have the funding to continue their ministries, as well as helping the giver. With our creative and planned giving strategies, individuals are able to give to the causes that they care about.

Many churches have external ministries outside of the church such as food banks, counseling, and pregnancy help centers to name a few. There are countless, Christian ministries and non-profits that provide medical care to the less fortunate, refuge for those in abusive homes, or build water wells in third world countries.

Even though these services are free for those receiving them, your favorite ministry and church still need financial provisions to continue God’s work. CIS Wealth would love to speak with your church, ministry, or you as an individual about setting up creative giving plans!


church financial services

Church Resources

If you are a church leader, member, or just wanting to learn more about financial services in the church, this is the perfect place to start! Click below to learn more.

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charitable gift annuities

Charitable Gift Annuities

Benefit your favorite church or ministry through a Charitable Gift Annuity! It not only benefits the ministry via a charitable gift of assets, but also the supporter through partial tax deductions.

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7 pillars of financial stewardship study

Stewardship Study

This Biblical teaching on stewardship is designed to help your church members or ministry volunteeers discover the joy and fulfillment of following the principles of Biblical stewardship.

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upcoming events and workshops

Educational Lunch and Learns

Educational lunch and learns are a great way to introduce various financial topics to your church in a casual environment. Host an educational luncheon to learn more about deferred & creative giving, charitable gift annuities, estate planning, retirement, Stewardship training, and more. LEARN MORE >>

Give more to the causes you love.
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