How We Are Paid

Fee Based Management System

Fee Based Financial Advisors

We get the question everyday from prospective clients asking us how we are paid. We believe a transparent approach is the best answer.

How Financial Advisors Are Paid

Financial advisors are either paid a commission by a company for selling their financial products such as mutual funds or annuities, or they can be paid a fee directly by their clients or in some cases both.

We believe a simple, direct client fee approach takes away the potential conflict of interest or influence a large investment company could have over a financial advisor. So, when given the choice, we choose to be paid directly by our clients to remove these conflicts of interest.

Our Direct Approach

Option 1: Our Financial Planning fee is by the hour or for an agreed upon flat fee, for a specific plan and/or time period.

Option 2: Our all inclusive quarterly fee includes ongoing financial planning and advice as needed, along with investment management, and it is based on assets under management. Most clients choose this all inclusive simple option. Learn more about this option HERE.

Occasionally, there may be a scenario where a client wants or needs a financial product, such as an annuity, that does not offer the option to be paid directly by a client. For this approach, we strive to ensure that the client understands all of the associated costs and fees of these types of financial products before they invest in one.

Bottom line, we exist to serve our clients’ best interests.